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Idea Board

The idea behind a personalized tie is to give a gift that will inspire, remind, cheer up, motivate, and let someone know you care.  Each of us has things that give a little lift and bring a smile to our face.

7 things that make a good picture for our ties

    1. Bright colors work well. 
    2. Good Lighting is important. Dark pictures, shadows and faces in the shade don't turn out well
    3. Don't use filters.  They look good on the screen, but they diminish the quality of the printed image.
    4. Leave us some background to work with.  Try not to crowd faces, heads, print or anything important right up to the edge. 
    5. If you must use print keep it to a minimum.
    6. If possible fill all the white space.
    7.  Meaning trumps all.  If a picture has special significance that can be more important than all the suggestions above. 

Check out our Instagram  to see fun ties people have made

When would I give a personalized tie?

  • Father's Day
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Christmas
  • Birth of a child
  • Graduation
  • New Job
  • Wedding
  • Corporate Gift
  • Mission
  • For Fun
  • To commemorate special occasions

What can I put on a tie?

  • Family picture
  • Favorite quote
  • Business logo
  • Picture of children
  • Pets
  • Scriptures
  • Hobby related images
  • Family Coat of Arms
  • Memorial images
  • Anything that may interest or inspire

There are endless possibilities for personalizing these ties.  What a unique way to let someone know you care!